Shadowsocks-Qt5 Configurations on Ubuntu

OS:Ubuntu15.10    vps:American  

First,Install the software:Shadowsocks-Qt5:

  • sudo add -apt-repository ppa:hzwhuang/ss-qt5
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install shadowsocks-qt5

After it finished,then we'd go to set the environment of Qt5:

  • select the software:
  • build a new setting:

  • input your ss information and save it
  • then connect this ss
  • now we'd go to set the proxy of system(PS: my requirement is global proxy,so this is going to set a global proxy)

(Attention: global proxy will apply to all applications, please select your requirement to set this)

There is something else to say:

set application proxy:

  • For Internet-Explorer:

    • Internet options–>Connections–>LAN settings–>

      • proxy server Address is, Port is Local-Port in Settings of Qt5.【 since the socks5 is unsupported in Internet Explorer,Please select the https type in local-server-type】


  • For FireFox/Chrome/Chromium/Other explorers based on Chromium

    • set the proxy server Address is, Port is Local-Port in Settings of Qt5, connection type depend on your settings in local-server-type(SOCKS5 or HTTPS)


The issue of installations and configurations on the other Systems is linked by:任意门